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As we move forward toward the end of the year, the Fairewinds Crew would like to share the most important highlights of our 2016 research and work:

-Smokescreen Animation Release - November 17:
Fairewinds just released a 2-minute animated video entitled Smokescreen – based on scientific research that shows that building new nuclear power plants actually makes global warming worse! Not only that, but using atomic power reactors to solve our energy crisis will cost more than 8-Trillion-dollars [$8,000,000,000,000]. Yes, you read that right - $8 Trillion! Our country can’t afford that – we need affordable energy that brings jobs – and that will be building solar and wind energy right here in the US – not sending jobs overseas.


-Truthout Publication - November 14:
Arnie’s report, Nuclear Energy Is Not Green Energy. It Is A Fount Of Atomic Waste was published by Truthout and has received more than 3.8 thousand likes and counting on Facebook. 

-Power Struggle Film Debut - October 23:
Maggie and Arnie Gundersen are featured in a full-length documentary film by Robbie Leppzer of Turning Tide Productions that chronicles the conflict surrounding the re-licensing of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. Read more about the film in our Newsletter.

-CO2 Smokescreen: New Nukes Make Global Warming Worse Keynote by Arnie Gundersen - August 8-10:
Arnie spoke at the University of Quebec and McGill University in Montreal, Quebec for the World Social Forum.

-Gendai Business Magazine Publication - June 14: 
After Arnie returned from Japan, hundreds of radioactive samples needed to be analyzed. This article, which was featured in Gendai Business Magazine, announces some of those results. Arnie concludes that land allegedly cleaned by TEPCO is constantly recontaminated by radiation from forests and mountains blowing in the wind or coming down in rain and snowmelt – these are areas are impossible to decontaminate. This article has more than 20,000 Facebook likes!

-The Nationwide Failures of Decommissioning Regulation: Decommissioning Trust Funds or Slush Funds? Report - March 22:
Thanks to a grant from the Lintilhac Foundation, Fairewinds used the ongoing lack of adequate planning in regards to the decommissioning process at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant as a case study reported to the NRC for issues facing communities throughout the US. Entergy, the corporation that owns Yankee, has been allowed by the NRC to raid decommissioning funds set aside by ratepayers for uses other than decommissioning. Listen to the full podcast on our website.


-Arnie in Japan - February 9 - March 4: Fairewinds Chief Engineer, Arnie Gundersen, spent 4 weeks in Japan speaking with a variety of audiences including government officials, legislators, engineers, scientists, evacuees, community leaders, and national regulatory bodies regarding the triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Atomic Reactors and the ongoing radioactive contamination that continues to migrate to many areas of Japan. Listen to the podcasts here.   

-Middlebury College Student Global Affairs Conference: Power and Protest Presentation – January 22:
In January, Fairewinds was invited to Middlebury College to discuss the risk and burden of a nuclear powered energy future at the student organized event, Power and Protest


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